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They Ask, You Answer Book Reviews from Honest, Real People

Look, I'm a six-foot-tall goober who is totally incentivized to get you to love the book They Ask, You Answer. But the people whose reviews are featured here are not.

By Liz Murphy

They Ask, You Answer Book Reviews from Honest, Real People

Whenever I come across a new love or obsession, it doesn't take long for me to start passionately encouraging (see: "brow-beating") all of my friends, family, and coworkers to join in on the fun. 

For instance, I will not rest until everyone I know laughs when I make a Dion Waiters Award joke because they also listen to The Rewatchables. (If you already get this reference, I love you forever. When the world reopens, let's go get malts and talk about if Bill Simmons' vendetta against the character of Kay Corleone is valid.)

📚 Get your copy: They Ask, You Answer (2nd Edition, Revised and Updated)

Or, if you happened to be trapped anywhere in close proximity to me during the spring and summer of 2019, you were likely subjected to an unsolicited onslaught of praise for They Ask, You Answer, a book by Marcus Sheridan I had the unparalleled honor of editing for its second edition.

I remember when I first read the original edition back in 2017, and it blew my mind in its simple, yet powerful message -- if you want to become the undisputed champion in your space or industry, you need to tenaciously and thoroughly endeavor to become the #1 teacher about what it is that you do or specialize in. 

Watch: What is They Ask, You Answer?

Here's the thing, though. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you don't know me. Furthermore, the fact that I was the editor for the second edition of They Ask, You Answer likely doesn't ring any confidence bells that you'll get an unbiased review out of me. 

So, what you'll find below are real-world reviews (from individuals and around the industry) of They Ask, You Answer. It is a paradigm-shifting, world-rocking book in the best way possible. And now, the good news is you don't have to take my word for it.

Industry praise for They Ask, You Answer

In addition to being beloved by fans around the world, They Ask, You Answer has also been featured on numerous book lists:

Now, let's get to some real-world reviews, shall we?

"The marketing and sales book I didn't know I was looking for..."

Five-star review on Amazon

"This book blew my mind! I have a small business that I am passionate about, but have never been as comfortable with marketing and sales as I am with providing my service.

They Ask, You Answer states that you need to think like a customer and be a teacher to answer their questions and address concerns as honestly and unbiased as possible. Marcus Sheridan's personal story about how embracing They Ask, You Answer saved his business is fascinating! He gives other examples of companies that have used this philosophy with great success as well.

The book is helpful to me and my one man show, but also goes into detail about how to implement actions for small, medium and large companies alike.

I like how this edition of They Ask, You Answer goes into detail about how important video is for business. Then it goes into exactly how to begin making videos for your business even if you haven't done it before or had much success with video in the past. This book has helped inspire me to begin making helpful videos for potential customers and it has already helped with sales!

In addition the the hardcover, I also got the audio version and hearing Marcus deliver the message was really enjoyable. Thank you Marcus Sheridan!"

"A great read for anyone getting into marketing..."

Five-star review on Amazon

"As the owner of a small business, I found this book Immeasurably helpful. Sheridan's approach to answering the questions asked by customers rather than simply presenting your product online helped me get my business off the ground in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and I could not be more thankful. Highly recommended."

"The best business book I've read in years..."

Five-star review on Amazon

"One word: Wow!

This is a total game changer. We've started immediately with the implementation and already are seeing the results after just a few months...!

I can recommend this book to each and everyone who wants to take his/her business to the next level and smoke your competition 💪

Full steam ahead and full video!

I also recommend buying 'The Visual Sale' these two go hand in hand."

"All businesses must read this if you want your business to succeed..."

Five-star review on Amazon

"This (is) it. The real and authentic way to marketing and sales. The inbound way that is real, simple, but no one does it."

"My favorite takeaways from They Ask, You Answer..."

Five-star review on Amazon

"They Ask You Answer provides a great guide for creating relevant content, earning trust, and speeding up sales cycles. Sheridan’s philosophy is simple: ask yourself the question, “What is my customer thinking?” Understanding their questions forms the basis for a content-driven strategy. This mindset generates powerful fuel for your Revenue Growth Engine.

This book is packed with insights ... There is so much more in this book. The chapters are short, punchy, and actionable. Real-world case studies are sprinkled throughout the book, giving concrete examples about how you can implement the strategies."

"A must-read for all business professionals..."

Five-star review on Amazon

"As a Content Marketer I must agree that this is the most valuable book I've read all year (I read 3-5 business books per month). Yet, this is a must-read for everyone in the business world, not just Sales and Marketing professionals. Have an open mind, a pen and notebook ready to work through the questions/exercises, and implement what he suggests--your business will grow in direct proportion to the effort you put in implementing what you learn here."

"Seemingly every concern you may have while reading is addressed..."

Five-star review on Goodreads

"So far in my studies I have read at least a half dozen books relating to content creation and management. This is by far the most impressive. It could be "merely" as informative or helpful as the rest of the lot, but where it exceeds expectations is in all the bases that it covers. The author goes out of this way to address any lingering questions that he knows the reader might be thinking as they progress through the text.

As with other books I've read and found helpful, you will need to keep your eye on the ball as far as learning all the technical trappings of how to make these kinds of methods work. The philosophy is sound though, and the book is about a mindset that all companies should get on board with sooner or later."

"If I had to pick just one content marketing book to recommend..."

Five-star review on Goodreads

"If I had to pick just one content marketing book to recommend to absolute beginners and small businesses, I'd recommend this one. Not only does it answer the question WHY someone should engage in content marketing, but it also answers the two much harder questions:

  • WHAT should I write about? (answer: answer customer questions)
  • HOW should I start (answer: the author recommends specific steps)

It's much easier to read one book, but it's much harder to embrace the lessons and dedicate one's time to implement those lessons, company-wide. The reality is that most small business owners will need a little help from a friendly content marketing consultant to keep them accountable and to help them make the first steps.

Great book! Highly recommended!"

"It's a lucid, real-world manual for success..."

Five-star review on Goodreads

"Having worked in marketing over 40 years I can say this is the best, most insightful account of what it takes to gain and keep customers. As the title say, it's all about answering customers questions and writing about what you know in so many ways that search engines seek you out as a world-class authority. It's a lucid, real-world manual for success."

"I absolutely loved this book..."

Five-star review on Goodreads

"I absolutely loved this book. So simple to read. And his concept of simply answering your customer’s questions honestly and transparently seems so basic. And that’s because it is. As consumers, we don’t ask for much. Just be honest and teach me what I need to know. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do when you read this book."

Ready to get started with They Ask, You Answer?

If so, great! In addition to purchasing the book -- the audiobook is narrated by Marcus, by the way -- I highly recommend you take our totally free Digital Sales and Marketing Framework for Today's Modern Buyer course on IMPACT+.

Again, the course is at no cost to you (you only need a free IMPACT+ account to get started), and it's a great way to help you get started with learning the They Ask, You Answer methodology and put it into practice immediately.

More free They Ask, You Answer resources

Happy reading! 

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How does your inbound marketing measure up?
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